The Company

Serra Morena, a Brazilian company specializing in import-export, logistics, and distribution of grain and other agricultural products, especially wheat, corn, soybeans, rice, barley, wood logs, and wood chips for biomass or pulp. It owns operating units at the Rio Grande/RS and Imbituba/SC seaports, and a private terminal at the port in Porto Alegre/RS. The company operates with its own cargo, and also offers ship loading and unloading services to third parties. It invests heavily in structures, technology, and training, and currently has the most advanced equipment to carry out these services. With more than 31 years of experience in the market, Serra Morena is present in the main Brazilian capitals and abroad through its own representatives and through partnerships.


It is a pioneer in Brazilian wheat exports. The company has 03 Liebherr cranes in operation in the port of Rio Grande: 01 LHM-280 and 02 LHM-550, the latest in port equipment. It also has two Liebherr cranes in operation at the port of Imbituba: LHM-280 and LHM-320. At the Porto Alegre terminal, the unloading system is the only one at the port. It is fully automated and has two cranes: Takraf 10 and 16 tons.

Serra Morena is certified by Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C155555). FSC® is dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management throughout the world. When choosing our products, you help care for the world's forests Learn More: www.fsc.org Serra Morena supplies wood from certified Forests. Contact us to learn more.

Rio Grande

Port of Rio Grande - RS

Port Operations and Warehousing - Import and Export

In Rio Grande, Serra Morena operates ship loading and unloading for bulk goods, fertilizer, and agricultural grain, as well as transporting logs (separately or in a sling) wood chips for biomass or pulp, and wood pellets in break book vessels. It is one of the largest port operators in the Port of Rio Grande, meeting its own demand and handling cargo for clients.

Our equipments:

  • Equipment:

  • 01 Liebherr Crane LHM-280
  • 02 Liebherr Crane LHM-550
  • Grabs and Hoppers
  • Loading Boxes - square matal box we fill with bulk goods in order to load the vessel using our cranes.
  • Wheel Loaders CASE W20E
  • CASE Backhoe Loader 580M
  • VOLVO Excavator EC-140
  • Automatic Grabs


Industrial Units

The company has two industrial units located in the Industrial District of Rio Grande/RS. - Avenida Antonio João Bianchini, s/n., with 20,500 m2 of constructed area and storage capacity of up to 150,000 tons of fertilizers in 20 boxes, as well as two mixers with a capacity of 120 tons/hour, with mechanical reception and an aerial belt to supply the boxes. - Rua Engenheiro Carlos Firmino Schmidt Rover, nº. 5015, in the Industrial District, with 20,000 m2, with storage capacity of 90,000 tons of fertilizers, with two mixers with a capacity of 90 tons/hour. This unit has a bulk warehouse (agricultural grain), with a capacity of 80,000 tons, fully automated with reception tipper and shipping tunnels.

To support operations, we have the following equipment:

  • Equipment:

  • VOLVO L-70 Front Loader
  • YALE Forklifts
  • VOLVO Escavator EC-140
  • CASE Backhoe Loader 580 M
  • Complete maintenance workshop
  • Fertilizer Laboratory
  • Full administrative area/Cafeteria
  • Truck Scale
  • Fertilizer Mixer and Packing Machine


Port of Imbituba - SC

Port Operations and Storage - Import and Export

At this port, Serra Morena has a prominent position as the main shipper of grain destined for export, especially soybeans and corn. The receiving and storage structure is complete and has several simultaneous reception points with dumpers for trucks and semi-trailers. Current static storage capacity is 200,000 tons. Once the ship arrives, the loading plank reaches 12,000 tons in 24 hours. In 2015, a new 13.5 meter draft was approved, allowing the mooring of Panamax ships, a situation that attracted the main global grain players. To meet this demand, the company is structured, both in terms of warehouses and equipment: As in the port of Rio Grande/RS, in Imbituba/SC, the company is qualified to ship timber in logs, as chips for biomass or pulp, and can do its own chipping.

To meet all this demand, we are structured, both in terms of warehouses and equipment:

  • Equipment:

  • VOLVO Wheel Loaders L-70
  • Liebherr Crane LHM-280
  • Liebherr Crane LHM-320
  • Loading Boxes - square matal box we fill with bulk goods in order to load the vessel using our cranes
  • Discharge Hoppers
  • Conveyor belts to elevate the bulk goods
  • Dump Pits
  • Truck Dumpers
  • Road Scale


Imbituba Maximum Price List

1.1 For import per cargo ton
1.1.1 Ship unloading BRL 40,50
1.1.2 Recepcion, Storage for 30 days, Shipping and Insureance BRL 31,80
1.1.3 Storange by two week period or fraction after 30 days BRL 8,00
1.2 For Import per Cargo ton
1.2.1 Ship cargo BRL 40,50
1.2.2 Recepcion, Storage for 30 days, Shipping, Weighing, and insurance BRL 31,00
1.2.3 Strorage by two week period or fraction after 30 days BRL 8,00
2.1 Highway transportation in Imports (Warehouses/Wharfage) BRL 7,09
2.2 Highway transportation in Exports (Warehouses/Wharfage) BRL 7,09
2.3 Funnel (hopper) rental for ship operations per ton (without an operator) BRL 8,08
2.4 Use of a MHC Crane for operations on ships with solid bulk, per ton BRL 21,90
2.5 Use of a MHC Crane for operations on ships with general cargo, per ton BRL 32,96
3.1 No preço 1.1.1 and 1.2.1: The port operation price includes the current value of the use of the land infrastructure, the Imbituba Port Tariff, when paid directly to Serra Morena.
3.2 No preço 1.1.1 and 1.2.1: Ship loading and unloading services, done by Serra Morena or other Port Operator at their service, including foremen and loading/unloading equipment
3.3 For price 1.1.1 and 1.2.1: Prices valid for operation in normal periods, from Monday to 1pm Saturday, subject to additional charges on weekends and holidays.
3.4 For price 1.1.2 and 1.2.2 Applies to net cargo weight.
3.5 No preço 1.1.3 and 1.2.3 Includes labor, equipment, verification, property insurance and cargo insurance.
3.6 For price 2.5: For weights equivalent to 40 foot or 30 ton containers and larger with estimates.
3.7 7 The prices of OTHER SERVICES for items 3.4 and 3.5 include: Operator, Fuel, Maintenance, Insurance.
3.8 For price 3.4: Minimum 1000 tons each 6 h period..
3.9 For price 3.5: Minimum 350 tons each 6 h period..
3.10 This price list does not include ICMS taxes when exiting to other states, if that occurs.
3.11 All Prices The prices on this table apply to the movement of solid bulk, except for price 3.5. Other cargo or special bulk can be moved with individual contracts.
3.12 All Prices In the final volume of each charge, any ton fraction will be rounded up to the next larger full number.
Porto Alegre

Port of Porto Alegre - RS

Port Operations, Commercial Dock, and Private Pier - Barge/Ship Unloading and Storage

Serra Morena has terminal, located on the Porto Alegre/RS dock, where it unloads and stores grain such as wheat, corn, and barley, and unloads salt, the entire fertilizer chain, such as chloride, urea, etc. The private pier in 300 meters long for mooring both barges and ships. The current draft is 5.18 meters. This structure places Serra Morena as the operations leader, both at the commercial dock and at the private dock, with 70% of the port's cargo movement. The company stores the products in port warehouses, which represent a static storage capacity of approximately 120,000 tons, distributed in warehouses of different sizes. The terminal is the only one that allows unloading to land with port cranes. The company has two Takraf cranes, one with a 10 ton capacity and another with a 16 ton capacity.

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In the service of operations, we have the following equipment:

  • Equipment

  • VOLVO Wheel Loaders L-70
  • CASE Wheel W-20E
  • CASE Backhoel Loader 580 M
  • Automatics Grabs
  • Dump Pit and elevated coveyor belt to receive and expedite grain and oilseeds.
  • Warehouses totaling 70.000 tones of static capacity
  • Takraf Cranes 10 and 16 tons




Rua Alcebíades Antônio dos Santos, 610 Nonoai

Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil
+55 51 3241 - 6066

Porto Alegre Unit

Av. Mauá, esquina São Pedro, S/N Área Portuária

Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil
+55 51 3343 - 1670

Rio Grande Unit

Rua Eng. Metalurgico Carlos Firmo Schmidt Rover, 5015

Rio Grande, RS, Brasil
+55 53 3232 - 0287

Imbituba Unit

Rua Venina Barreto Favassa, S/N, Vila Nova Alvorada

Imbituba, SC, Brasil
+55 48 3255 - 2944

Buenos Aires Unit

Av. Del Libertador, 6810 - Piso 4 Depto. B (CP 1429 )

Buenos Aires, Argentina
+54 11 4890 - 8067